Manufacturer of Portable Downdraft Gas Kilns, Electric Kilns, Glaze Spray Booths, Industrial Furnaces, Gas burners
and Controllers

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Upcoming Workshop: April 9, 10, 11, 2016
Glazing & Firing with Tom Coleman & Paul Geil

This information packed workshop focuses on the finishing process. With demonstrations on throwing, trimming, glazing, & loading.
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State-of-the-Art: ELECTRIC KILN
Model: EHW-12

- 12cu.ft.
(27"W x 27"D x 36"H)

- Built-in vent system

- Ventilated Shell

- Cone 10 (2350 Deg. F)

- Door Safety Interlock

- Drawer-type elements (No Pins, No Rods, No Sagging)
AQUA FLOW: Glaze Spray Booth

-Drastically Reduces Glaze Particles