Safety Certification

On December 15, 1994, GEIL KILNS was granted the A.G.A. Certification for our complete line of gas fired ceramic kilns. GEIL KILNS was the first kiln manufacturer in history to be granted a certification.

We are now ETL (INTERTEK) Certified.

GEIL KILNS manufactures gas and electric kilns bearing this safety certification.

GEIL Gas kilns conform to A.G.A. STANDARD 1-94 and certified to CSA STANDARD C22.2 NO.3

GEIL Electric kilns conform to UL STANDARD 1-94 and certified to CSA STANDARD C22.2 #221.


Paul H. Geil and the American Gas Association formulated the first safety requirements.
(A.G.A. 1-94) for gas fired ceramic kilns, setting the first safety standards for the industry.



What does this mean for you?
The ETL Certification program is recognized throughout the United States and Canada.


What may happen if you install a Non-Certified Kiln?
You may be required to provide an independent certification by an accepted agency to the city in which your kiln is installed. This certification may cost you thousands of dollars.



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Paul Geil